Sunday, November 27, 2011

A model of a 1929 type coupe. This is a design of my own. I was trying a new way of creating a model. At least new for me. I created a square in space. Modified with arch's, lines, etc. then used the Offset tool to create a smaller version of the shape. Nest the push-pull tool was used to draw out a space between the two shapes. Using the line tool the outside edges of the two shape were connected together with triangles. The second face was drawn out with the push-pull tool. The new pulled-out shape was modified by a number of tools. After modification that shape was pulled out again. The new shape modified and pulled-out. This was continued until the desired shape was formed. My image of this process was similar to the old balsa wood models I use to build. A series of bulk heads connected by stringers. I think it's a good way of keeping a model simple. This model also has different segments to the arches. Just part of the experiment.

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