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The 1937 RCA Magic Eye Radio was the top of the line radio it cost as much as a new Ford Car. At $692 it was a large purchase. It stands 43 inches high, is 29 inches wide and 15 inches deep. I decided to model this radio for the 3d challenge because we have one sitting in our living room. We were given the radio by my mother-in-law who got it from the original owners. The owners had owned a garage and trailer park in the Yreka, CA. area during the early days of the automobile. Mr. Watson had even been a pilot in the early days and had flown a Jenny.

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2027 CNN 3d World News Satellite

The design concept for this 3d Challenge was to create a Communications Satellite. My fantasy was a manned vehicle that could circle and be in any place in the world. It would have the capability of capturing real time 3d video that it could broadcast to the entire world. As shown in the render it could show the development of a hurricane to the developing of a skirmish or war anywhere around the surface of the globe. Another feature of such a vehicle is it could show any of the new developments in space. Imagine watching the development of weather in 3d or the melting of the polar cap.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Skyscraper Sculpture

Skyscraper/Sculpture 009

3d challenge 009 Skyscraper 009
In this challenge I worked with the application of Sculpture techniques as added to the design of a Skyscraper. I feel that many of the current designs of skyscrapers emphasis masses of humans squeezed together is cubicals of human proportions only. Architecture of the past often emphasised the Sculptural qualities, light and shadow, form, texture, scale, etc. My attempt here is to have a modern feel with the above qualities. As always I'm open for thoughts and comments.
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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Time Maching

Time Machine

By Don East

I have just settled into the chair of the time machine control room knowing that what I am about to do is based on theory and experimental research, I feel compelled to review for a final time in my mind what has brought me to this point.

Professor Lingerfelt first developed the concepts for this time machine while working with the relationship of electromagnetic charges that surround the earth and their relationship to ancient geological forms and structures. His primary work was an extension of early 20th century research with carbon dating. He found that ancient limestone caves were a record of millions of years of time and when certain stalagmites and stalactites were sliced into micro thin wafers the carbon 14 within these layers were a record not only of the aging of the limestone, but could be directly related to the changes of the magnetic forces surrounding the earth.

Then in the mid 21st century Professor Riggs and time experimenter Theodore Visger noticed that when lightning struck the earth geographic forms such as sand melted into glass fingerlings. These fingerlings resembled stalagmites and stalactites structure both magnetically and in relation to carbon 14 dating. Their observations led to the link between the slow processes of creating limestone cave forms to the instantaneous creating of new geologic forms by lightning. They postulated that these similarities were a link between the current moment in time and all of history, and therefore a possibility for time travel. After 15 years of research they developed their time/space travel theory, because of the political atmosphere during their time they were shunned as heretics and their work was buried in the archives hopefully never to be rediscovered.

It was in 2095 that I stumbled upon these archives while doing research on a totally different project. The concept so caught my imagination I spent the next 10 years developing the physical machine to test and prove the time/space travel theory. My machine has been built to link the instant energy of lightning with the geological past of the limestone cave beneath me. The limestone cave from its very beginning was a fissure in the earth to its present structure represents 2.5 million years. Therefore, my machine has been built to transport to 24 different time segments during this 2.5 million years. My machine consists of three significant structures. One being the external elements that sit at the top of the mountain above the limestone cave. Second, a duplicate but reversed structure built within a large cavern in the cave, and third the structure that links the two structures above and below. I feel it’s necessary to continue to review in my mind these parts. Looking for things I might have missed.

Let’s see:

The above ground structure represents my present period in time. After examination I decided that the above surface structure was needed because it was the lightning that was the link to the present, or to state it in another way the point at which time travel would begin. I placed it on the top of the mountain because of the force and predictability of when lightning would occur. A large lightning rod is constructed directly above the control room where I sit—it is the top of the structure. The force of the lightning is carried around the control room where it can be modified and sent through the underlying cage-like structure and that energy eventually passed down into the cave below.

Within the large cage superstructure are another three elements. The first is a central elevator tower with which I can travel from the control tower down to the time column I have chosen for this journey. I divided the 2.5 million years into 24 segments of time. Each column has a significant period selecting the time and period for travel. Each column is filled with material that is specifically carbon dated to that period of time. Inside the colonnade are three giant circular rings one filled with water, one filled with air, and the third filled with soil. Professor Riggs’s research along with Theodore Visger had found a continuum through all of their time research that demonstrated that the places of earth where water, air and soil met were areas of dynamic force. These areas are created like a giant puzzle when all are linked they create a giant energy exchange pattern all over the globe. This energy exchange has been a continuum through all of time. It would therefore work as a stabilizing factor when transporting to different periods of time.

The linking structure is comprised of the extension of the 24 columns filled with the time related material, the elevator and the external cage carrying the electrical current. What takes place in the transitional structure is that as I travel through the carbon-dated material the columns will filter my physical existence so that my body is realigned to exist with a carbon 14 balanced body in the time period I am headed for. This process happens at the speed of the lightning traveling through the external form as it seeks ground within the cave.

Nothing in any of the research or even my own work gives me a clue as to what I will experience or feel as I enter the third structure:

All my research and working with this structure tells me that when I reappear at the bottom of the column in the cave the upside down identical structure will have performed the transitions theorized by Professor Lingerfelt and demonstrated by Professor Riggs. I will therefore rematerialize at the bottom of the column and I will look like myself, I will feel like myself, but my energy and physical nature will have been transformed to match the interior of the cave in this new time. So the length of the stalagmites and stalactites should be smaller because they match the time I traveled to. It is at this instant that I will know if my machine has worked and my physical being will now match the new time and this physical space.

I planned a second purpose for the cave and that is: as I rematerialize in the known space that exists within the time I am traveling there will we a space for me because the historical research I have done shows that the cave existed at that time. That is because the age of the cave and the changing of its shapes are clearly known. Once arriving in the cave I will then be able to slowly work towards the surface and expose myself to that outside world once I see it is safe. The outside world is not a place to travel to as it changes too much over periods of time to make travel safe to other parts of the surface. The study of limestone caves shows that sometimes they are filled with water and sometimes the areas are open and clear. Therefore the control room underground will be equipped with the necessary equipment to help me move towards the surface in a safe manner. The structure within the cave also contains a control room, which I can use to return to my present or any other period of time within the 2.5 million of years available.

I have reviewed this information at least a thousand times. This must be the time to make the final decision. Everything is as it should be or my constant reviewing has made me blind to a basic fault.

With hesitation I look at my hand positioned over the control to energize the system realizing that this may be the beginning of a very long journey or the ending of a short one.

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Straight 35 Bonanza

The 005 Challenge was to create an airplane. I chose to do the Bonanza. My goal in this project was to create the lowest Poly model I could for this model. The project has gone through 3 phases. The first was the 35. I asked for suggestion on how to improve the model and was given many suggestion. The 35 had 122kb. Second was the simplified K35 a 1959 Bonanza This model was reduced to 87kb. The crew at 3d challenge was a great help. Finally I went for more detail and low Poly on the third model. This model was designed after Bonanza 814R an aircraft my wife and I owned for 18 years. It came in at 128kb. The colors are very close to the plane we owned. This proved to be a very successful learning experience for me. See 4 Photos of the project at the bottom of Blog.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Full view from front Pilot and navigator seats can be seen through the front windows
This is a rendering in Maya of the Mars Recreation Rover that I created for the 3d Challenge 003. This image emphasizes the spoked wheels that I created for this vehicle,

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Ballast Home Design

Howdy, in this Challenge I have decided to use the features that allow SketchUp to work as a concept medium. So I have created a quick and simple model to demonstrate the potential of Spherical Homes located just off the coast of the Monterey Bay in California. These are Ballast Water Homes. Having owned a boat in Monterey Bay for several years, I learned to enjoy the many beautiful and magical qualities of the sea. It is an ever-changing environment rich with life.

Design considerations:

1. Under, on, and above the water are all-important areas to enjoy the sea. So I felt that the Homes should be able to function similar to a Submarine type vessel. These homes are equipped with a Ballast type system so that they can be positioned at many levels.

2. The sea off the Monterey can get very cold. So keeping a home structure below the surface for long periods of time could get very cold. With the floatation technology a system could be developed that raises and lowers the home to control heating. The transparent sphere design when above water level would be heated by solar radiation. The depth level could be used to maintain a constant and comfortable temperature inside the sphere.

3. The elevator shaft could also afford constant air circulation with the outside environment. This would provide quality air inside the home at all times. In case of system failure the Ballast would be released so the home would float to the surface.

4. The sea environment can get very rough and dangerous. During storms the home can easily be lowered below the surface to the calm of the ocean floor. This is common practice for submarine vessels.

5. Power for these units would be self-contained. A desalination system would be installed for fresh water supply.

6. Power could be supplied by wind power on the elevator shafts, solar, and heat exchangers.

7. Underwater gardens for plant as well as protein reproduction could be developed in this very rich environment. Truly self-contained.

8. The Homes could and probably also function as navigational aids. They could be placed next to known under water hazards and be well lighted as to protect shipping. They could also be arranged to locate the entrance to harbors. Could you imagination sitting next to your own ancient shipwreckBa in the evening while watching the sea life move in and out of the scene. It could be enhanced with special lighting.

9. Lighting of these homes would be an amazing aesthetic addition to the marine environment. The underwater glow form their night lighting would be magical. The homes above the water line would reflect the raising and setting sun. The reflections of the water on their surfaces would create constant moving verities of design.

10. The basic size and shape of these homes could be mass-produced to reduce the cost and availability to the average person.

Ballast Home Design

The above is the link to 3d Warehouse where this SketchUp file is loaded. If you have SketchUp you can download the file and resurch the image. I use to own a sail boat and spend a lot of time sailing. The concepts I was playing with here is to create a home that has many of the attributes of being on a boat.

I am definitely open for comments and additional ideas. Technical, engineering, aesthetic. etc.
Thanks for looking Don

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Wooden Toy Fire Truck

This is the second entry to the "3D Challenge 002".