Monday, May 18, 2009

1903 Cadillac Replicar

The picture below is a design I've been working on. It's modeled after a 1903 Cadillac. The first car Cadillac made. The current design is powered by a lawnmower gas engine with a vertical shaft. The concept is to use a friction drive system with the weight of the car and passengers creating the pressure contact between the flywheel and drive line tire. As yet a lever has not been designed that will lift the weight away from the drive wheel. This is the method I plan to use to create a neutral and start position. The suspension is something of a tricycle type creation. The front wheels and the drive line wheel create the tricycle arrangement. This should allow for flexibilities over varied terrain. Anyone out there have thoughts?

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Unknown said...

Don't know if you figured out your friction drive yet, but the old B&S Flyer buckboard used a spring loaded drop down road friction drive wheel. Just move it up to the center of the car. Works like the drive wheel/drum on a commercial mower I used to have. Good luck. Check out the replicars group on yahoo.