Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Bank Building

This SketchUp work in in progress.
The Bank Building that sits on the corner of Miner and Third St. in Yreka. There has been a Bank Building here since the early days of Yreka. The first bank was a one story building. This building has gone through several changes in its history. This current rendering is close to what it look like today.

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JoeW said...

Hi Don
At one time I was very interested in buying the bank building. I wanted to move my business there to Yreka and operate it from the bottom floor and convert the top to a flat so I could live upstairs. I have a feeling I might still be working on the old building that is while my business waited. I really like the old Bank building though and often think about what might have been. As I recall it had been a Bank of America, Montgomery Wards and a thrift store. I have not been there for awhile, what is it now? Don I would like to learn more about sketchup. I am fairly proficient with Corel draw. However Corel draw is limited to flat drawings. I would like to enter the 3d rendering world but I am trying to figure out which 3d program. What is your opinion on the many 3d programs? I ultimately would like to produce models in 3d (stl.files etc.).