Monday, April 21, 2008

55 Airstream Flying Cloud

These images show progress studies for the 1955 Airstream Flying cloud that I am currently restoring. Floor Plan layout and general fit are the current purpose of this study.


Anonymous said...

Dear Don,

I'm thinking of buying a 1955 FLying Cloud shell to restore. Would love to talk to you. Drop me a line:

Unknown said...


I`m just getting started with Sketchup and plan to redesign the interior of my 2008 Airstream classic. I have imported a jpeg of the layout and have started on the interior. Would you be willing to share how you were able to create such a detailed renovation project?

My email address is I look forward to hearing from you.


kennyp said...

Don, I have a '65 Globetrotter that I spent 2 yrs redoing. I am now thinking of getting a '50's Silvercloud and doing the same. Do you have any photo's of your finished trailer? Thanks, Kenny

Don East said...

Kennyp, I an still working on the 55 Flying Cloud. The shell is back on and I'm working on the belly pan. It seems like there has been many distractions the last year. I have some pictures on the Airstream Forum.