Monday, March 17, 2008

French Style modern home

Great Room updated render. Actual background form home location and reflection qualities added. Materials have also been updated.

I've been working on designs for a French style modern home for Dr. Hood. These renderings include some of the areas I've been designing. The stair case design I refer to as the Flamingo Stair Case. Other Iron work designs include the entrance window basket, side porch railings. I've also designed the finish window, fireplace and coffered ceiling designs which I'm currently building and installing.


Claudia East said...

Very nice! :)

Nathan Fowkes said...

Don, These are fantastic designs! It's good to hear from you and to have a chance to enjoy the work you've been doing. Give my regards to your wife and son as well.


Steve said...

Linked through to your blog from sketchup. Your staircase is amazing and beautiful. It would be wonderful to have those lights on a motion sensor so the stairs would light at night if anyone came near them. Thank you for sharing your art.

Chris said...

Don, I love these designs. I'm starting to use SketchUp myself and would love to discuss techniques for drawing staircases. Would appreciate getting in contact.


José Manuel said...

Don, I am as you a retired fellow, I like very much your designs, specially the stair handrail, It is very beautiful.