Saturday, September 15, 2007

Straight 35 Bonanza

The 005 Challenge was to create an airplane. I chose to do the Bonanza. My goal in this project was to create the lowest Poly model I could for this model. The project has gone through 3 phases. The first was the 35. I asked for suggestion on how to improve the model and was given many suggestion. The 35 had 122kb. Second was the simplified K35 a 1959 Bonanza This model was reduced to 87kb. The crew at 3d challenge was a great help. Finally I went for more detail and low Poly on the third model. This model was designed after Bonanza 814R an aircraft my wife and I owned for 18 years. It came in at 128kb. The colors are very close to the plane we owned. This proved to be a very successful learning experience for me. See 4 Photos of the project at the bottom of Blog.

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